Chai Gift Pack

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2016-10-16 04.31.55 1.jpg
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Chai Gift Pack


The chai gift pack includes

1. 200 gram bag of your choice of Spicy Honey Chai Or Agave Chai.

2. Stainless steel strainer

3. High qualty Glass Mug

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  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Proudly blended and packaged in Canada.

Brewing Directions For Home

  • In a small sauce pan add 1 cup of milk (or water)

  • Add 1 generous tbsp of Spicy Honey Chai and heat the chai and milk to a gentle simmer

  • Strain through a fine sieve into your favourite mug, and enjoy!

Note: Our sticky tea blends can harden and/or settle over time, this is normal, due to the natural ingredients and will not affect the quality or flavor.