Christmas Tea Jar Collection

Tea gift pack
Tea gift pack

Christmas Tea Jar Collection

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Our Christmas Tea Jar Collection includes 3 of our favorite holiday blends.

1 - Mulled Wild Berry Jar

1 - French No.7 Jar

1 - Sleep Jar  

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Mulled Wild Berry is the perfect tea for the Christmas Season. The combination of the tart hibiscus, the distinct flavour of the currants, sultanas for natural sweetness and our mix of mulling spices make this a wonderful caffeine free tea for a cold winter's night!

French No.7 is by far our most fragrant tea, just one sniff and you'll feel like you've been transported to the beautiful streets of Paris! Our French No.7 blend uses a base of rich Earl Grey tea and has been mixed with a generous portion of lavender & cornflowers to create its wonderful floral aroma and flavour. 

Our Sleep tea is a tisane, which contains no caffeine. It's a delicate and relaxing blend of lemon grass, spearmint, chamomile and a variety of flower petals. This is one of our favourite blends and it's the perfect tea to drink just before heading to bed or for winding down after a long day.